Cora is a paid assistant at
Breezy Bluff.
Cora is a life long horse girl, she
is way beyond her years in her
abilty to help you enjoy your
lesson whether you are a child
or a grown up child

Cora has her own Halflinger
Pony and a beautiful Buckskin
Mare, upon both of which she
has done extensive training .

Cora works our young stock and
helps get them ready to be
lesson horse in addition to
assisting with lessons at the
farm.  We are blessed to have
this young lady at our barn
Emma Moore

Emma is an adult instructor and
Mounted Archery T
eacher at
Breezy Bluff

Emma is a strong young lady
who is ready to help anyone
who needs it.  Emma does not
own her own horse but she is
actively riding several young
horses and ponies at the barn.

With very good hands and a
quick mind you can count on
Emma to make your
experiences at Breezy Bluff
more enjoyable