Happy Trails to You...
Till we meet again                 
 Though we wish we could keep them forever, God has only lent our animal friends to us.............. this page is a
memorial to those who have left
Breezy Bluff Riding Academy         
 Other FRIENDS         
Robert- male Irish Setter age 16. Died on only 3 legs but did a lot of running before he did!

Peanut- female Irish SetterX. Cute little blonde lady died on Christmas eve, 1976 when she was 10

Beaufort- male Irish Setter x German Shepherd. He was a winner dog and lived to the ripe age of 18. He was a great
stock dog. 1995

Kickapoo Black Chevel- "Chevy" we lost her in a terrible accident when she was only 7. We really miss that lady.
She was a wonderful protector. 2003

Sarah Lee - Sarah (15yrs) was lost to us in her sleep in October 2004. She was a wonderful pet for our family and her
fuzzy grin will always be missed here.         

Sugar- was a darling palomino shetland, He lived for 28 years and left us on Labor day 1983.

Sassy- she was the first horse Betty owned and she could be ridden or driven. She was a Welsh bay pony who died on
the day after Christmas 1987 at age 24.

Amber Dawn- A golden palomino mare that Glenn rode to many golden trophies. Amber lived to be 38 years old.She
won at both Western and English riding.  She died May 2000 and is buried under a grove at the farm

Cup cake- a BLM adopted burro. She was air lifted out of the grand canyon and we adopted her at age 4 mos. She
was trained to ride and drive. She was 23 years old when she died the winter 2003.

Dixie Doll -- Dixie was purchased as a  gift foor our grandson Nathan on his second birthday. She was a great addition
to our farm and she sure did her share of the work riding and driving She was in her early 30's when she left this earth
June 2004

Misty Angel -- Misty was shown by all 3 of our sons to great success! She was a starter horse for many many students
and was used occasionally right up to her death at age 32.5 in Sept 2005. Hey Misty enjoy your little bucks in your

Hummer -- Hummer was our draft pal. At age 15+ hhe coliced as a result of congestive heart failure common to
Belgians. We lost a HUGE friend  June  3, 2005

Johnny Flash -- Flash was Seth's show horse and buddy. Flash was 24 yrs old. He was a beautifully marked
Appaloosa. We let him slip off to God's pasture June 5, 2005.

O'Joe Rider..JayAre-- Big red boy solid paint gentle giant. A horrible case of colic stole this valuable horse from our
lesson string March 8,2010

Scout -- was bought out of slaughter in the fall of 1999 as a weanling and was a good little girl for teaching kids how to
ride and how to handle a less than cooperative horse now and then.  Scout was probably Standardbred but we dont
know for sure she died of an unknown cause July 2012

Doc Star Buster-- Doc was purchased as a horsemanship show horse for Betty as a 3 yr old in 1988. Doc taught more
kids how to ride RIGHT than could be counted. He gave his last lesson 6 days before he collapsed at age 28 of
empasyema on Aug 28,2013
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