Witness Reviews of
Breezy Bluff
Riding Academy Camps & Classes!
Becky 12 yrs old girl  Pekin
Therese 14 yr old girl OakBrook
Lee  9 yr old boy  Bloomington
This week was extremly fun. Learning how to ride horses
better was something I'd like to do all the time. If there was
another horseback riding camp (day or overnight) I would
definitly try to come.]
The only boring part was when we just sat there and listened
to DeMara' talkingl It was interesting but not fun enough.
Another of the fun things was the trail rides. I was
disappointed that I couldnt go because of the horse I was
riding, but it was fun listening to the others talk about it.
~ PS. On a rating from 1-10, the 1 being the worst, 10 being
the best, I girve the camp a 9.5!
This week was fun, We learned alot in a short span of time. I liked the stuff that had to do
with horses best, The frisbee wasn't so great. Giving Mercedes a bath was fun, even if we
did get wet too. The road ride was awesome. My favorte horse is Oprah, then JayAre, then I
dont know. I didn't like Misty, who tried to buck and kick Shatan and JayAre.and was really
bumpy. Demara was nice, watching her lunge Caballo was great. I liked that there weren't a
lot of people here .
I liked riding I like Shatan and JR. I liked to bath, ride and loop. I liked when I got to Loop.
I likeed evrything. Thank you SO much
Email unsolicited praise for June 2003 Overnight camp!
Dear Betty
How are you? This is StephanieXXXX. I'm doing good. I might be getting into a couple of shows soon!  I might come to camp
again. I'm not sure. Camp in June was
really fun. If I can get enough money together, I'm going to come back.
A note from my grandma:
Stephanie loved your camp... we are still trying to find a way to get her into some competition and we hope to keep her on  a
We will be back asap. thanks again for having a camp like this one.
This was a very shy little girl who wanted to leave after her first ride...then she changed her mind!!
Annie told me she wished she could just live with the horses from Breezy Bluff not just do day camp!
Sure got lots more than I expected!