I have been asked by serveral of my students to add this page to our web site for public
education.  This stable is convinced of the value in
wearing equestrian helmets for every ride
no matter where or what style of riding we may be doing.

The modern helmets for horseback riding are so comfortable and effective there is no excuse I
can fathom as adequate to justify not using them.  No, bicycle helmets are not the same, and no,
they are not as good. But ! they are better than no helmet at all. Please consider though the
reason you would choose a bicycle helmet.... is it because of cost?

How can you measure the extra cost of an equestrian helmet as compared to the life or quaility
of life for you or your child?
if you would like to have MORE evidence that EVERY ONE needs a Helmet
                                            Betty's quotes---
Western riders just cannot wear helmets cuz they just are not traditional............
huh................and tennis shoes, shorts and ball caps are?
Helmets interfer with my ability to sense my horse.......................
huh................maybe you should tune your horse sense and your common sense, do
you expect you will be able to sense him better with dribble running down your chin
from your wheel chair!  
Borrowed quote---
"If you think your hair style is more important than your brain.... maybe you are right!"
Helmets are usually available at the farm both new and used or we can custom order for you
Helmets owned by the farm are offered to you for loan for the 1st-10th lesson. After that you may continue to
borrow a farm helmet for a surcharge of $1/lesson/rider or we can secure one for you.  Helmets made by
certain manufacturers are not reccommended or encouraged at
Breezy Bluff .
Please be sure we approve of your helmet choice!                                                                 
(TROXEL SPORT Helmets will NOT be Approved)
All Lessons require Helmet Usage
Gentle Doc 23 yrs old                                                             Still ALL  the kids  AND ALL  Adults WEAR HELMETS

                        PS.... the music you hear is "I will always love you"