Breezy Bluff Horse Lessons What Will I Learn ?
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Lessons   1-5   
You will learn  basic control of horse directions @ walk and trot

Lessons 6-10  
You will begin to go at faster pace and learn how to lope and make
transitions from walk to lope and from trot to lope

Lessons 11-20
Your control of the horse's body movements will continue and you will
begin some basic show type of riding maneuvers or trail riding maneuvers
You maybe invited to do a trail ride.

Lessons 21- 40
You will easily be able to handle a well trained horse on rail or trail and
start to learn ground handling. You maybe invited to do a show or parade

Lessons beyond 40
Your horsemanship will expand to knowledge of the horse psyche and you
will graduate to the intermediate horses. You maybe invited to participate
as an assistant or camp wrangler.

Lessons in 2-3rd yrs
You will be allowed to go on to work with the more challenging horses
and younger horses to refine your skills as a horse man.