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lessons policies
Breezy Bluff Riding Academy
for horse riding lesson (s)
             Regular Horse activity rates beginning  Feb    2021

Package prices for at least 5 lessons.  
                               Helmet included first 10       
                   ($2 each beyond 10) we have helmet 4 sale)
Single Toddler Session .........$20  one on one        ---------   30 min pet, groom, sit on pony.

Single 4 yr old Lessons..........$25  one on one        ---------  30 min pet, groom , short ride

5   weekly single rider/hr..........$45 open session   ----------   $ 75/2 riders

10 every other week lessons....$45 open session   ----------   $ 75/2 riders

10 weekly single rider/hr.........$35 open session    ---------- $ 44ea semi private  ----- $50 private

weekly  2 riders(same household)same hr.......$ 65  -------- $ 80  semi private

weekly  3 riders(same household) same hr......$ 85  -----    $ 95 closed session

weekly  4 riders (same household) same hr.....$110  closed session

- Less than sets of  5 or 10 lessons -

rates for less than 5 lessons are $50/one  -- $95/two ---  $140/three riders
Single Toddler Session .........$20                         ---------   30 min pet, groom, sit on pony.
4 yr old lessons      ................$25     pvt $35        ---------   30 min pet, groom, short ride.

                                                                                    We do not issue REFUNDS we can try to reschedule however
                                Riding Academy HORSE
~Canceled horse riding lessons are charged depending
how much lead way  you give notice
              a week or more - 0
              less than a week - 50%     
                   unless rescheduled that week
              less than 3 full days - 100%

~For Weekly Rates you are asked to sign up for a session
of  5 or 10 horse riding lessons and  are asked to pay for
them in 1 or  2 installments ---  first payment must be in
cash and will be for 5(or 3) lessons-- second payment is due
on week 4 (or 3)

~You may pay by the lesson or month after the initial 10
are taken

~ Lessons off the farm on your horses  are by private
contract only  

** YOU may also sign up for a single lesson or a trial
lesson **

       Single or  1st lesson must be in
       TO lock in a time slot you must make
                       by mail, in  person or paypal (5% fee)

Certain Sessions are Video Taped for Security Reasons
~ To participate in a stable outside  event you must have
taken lessons for the month prior to a show and or taken a
lesson the week of a parade

~Please refrain from using
strong language while on the
only use "GOD" if you are speaking to HIM

~You are required to follow high safety standards
ALL RIDERS will use helmets and they are provided for
lessons 1-10 a surcharge of $1/lesson is charged after lesson
10-- Campers are provided with free use of helmets

~You must provide hard soled shoes/boots  with a 1/2" heel
for all activities.

Same Household refers to siblings or parent/child
combinations from the same address --
NOT cousins or adult siblings

                       NO REFUNDS

one rider one horse one hour   $50

two riders                               $95

three riders                            $145

four riders                             $180

five riders                              $220

six riders                               $255