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SPECIAL EVENTS! @ Breezy Bluff Riding Academy
below you will find a scroll script that has a sample of our
Birthday Lessons or Scout Outings Contracts
We also will do
Church Youth Activities
These are all offered on a lesson format that does include but is not limited to horseback riding. The guests are instructed in the safety and humane treatment around
horses, ponies, and mules contact us if you want to schedule an event
The non-refundable fee is due no less than 2 wks in advance of the scheduled date
click on the girl scout emblem to see pictures of scouts
enjoying the farm
You can make your own contract to fit your needs and budget
See sample contract below to estimate your cost for the group event or birthday party

Your group is 7 riders                               
you want 90 min                                            cost =$ 280
you would like to serve
your own refreshments here                          cost = $ 50   for 1 hr more
you don't want any extra education               
cost = $  0
total for your event                                                 $ 330
We are on the Girl Scout list of
Approved Stables in Central IL
                         ** ALL fees must be paid 2 wks in ADVANCE

# Horses/Ponies               group                         cost 1 hr             cost 90 min       cost 2 hrs
minimum____________ size______________________________________________
1 horse                               1-2                                $ 80                    $120            $160
2 horses                             2-5                                $160                   $200             $295
3 horses                             6-10                              $195                   $280             $350
4 horses                           11-15                              $250                   $360             $485
6 horses                           16-20                              $350                   $500             $600

*this is the minimum number you may have more if you want to go up to the next
tier in price you may not have less than this many animals per that number guests

                       Larger groups and charities private contract

1 ADD ON      if you would like to add 1 hour stay to use our 2 picnic tables and you dispose of your
own garbage/trash            -- $50 additional

ADD ON      If you want formal instruction about horses, care and other facts with in your allotted time
period includes handouts        ---$50 additional

                      Looking for Badge Earning Experiences?
$35/Scout (minimum cost $175) covers feeding, grooming, safety, basic riding skills and a short ride       
for  each scout.  Includes booklet handouts.
 MYO  Contract
so.. to construct your contract you need to
  1. decide what size group you are bringing
  2. decide what number of horses you want to contract
  3. decide how long you want to stay at the farm
  4. decide what add ons you might want

this will give you the cost of your contract which will be written by the farm for you, payment is expected
at least 2 wks prior to the event or
your event will be canceled.