I am proud to tell you I am a born again Christian.  I was the first in my immediate
family to accept the Lord as Savior at age 9 in 1960.  I was attending a church
camp that I had been bribed to go to "cuz they got HORSES"

Any way I found over the next few years all my sisters and mom and myself vitally
involved with Calvary Baptist Church in Normal IL.  I was a charter member there
and my grandfather's name is on the cornerstone as a trustee that first year.  At a
later time I met and married my husband at that church.  We sent our 3 children to
school there until 1992 when we decided to home school our youngest.  

We currently attend a new little work, Freedom Baptist in Bloomington, IL.  Pastor
Ogle and his wife have begun a work that is growing fast with many children and
young people enjoying several activities there. We have taken our ponies to a
Bible School Carnival and a cook out with Freedom

The Lord is very important to my life and my business. I prayed my barn in
existence and still daily pray for wisdom in how to conduct business and how to
keep you and your children safe and happy in our wholesome environment.  Not all
horse barns can tell you you will not hear strong language,or pounding music, or
see immodest clothing but I can assure you of that at
                      Breezy Bluff.
We tithe the income from the business generated by our horses and we are happy
to say the Lord keeps us busy and happy with our activity here.

If you also appreciate the power of God and want to see how HE can run a
business give us a call and we will share HIS goodness to us with you.