We do not train horses at this facility-- Lessons are our business.
We do teach YOU  to train YOUR horse.

We do not feel much is gained by
sending your horse away for
beginning or even repair training.
How much better for
you to learn
how to effectivly and safely
You will trailer your horse* into our barn 1 or 2
times a week ,about 6-10 weeks for a fee of
$60/hr.  We will then with a combination of
traditional and natural horsemanship show you how
to begin with ground work to make your horse
respectful, obedient and a willing partner in your fun
together. We will progress to line driving and
unmounted saddle work then to mounted work.  
boarding fees, no separation from your horse, no
worries about how or what is going on with training
or care.
PERFECT way to get your horse trained.

*We will in the first couple of hours analyse your horse and tell you right away if this
program will not be successful with your particular horse so you will not spend $ with us
that is not fruitful!-- we will not accept stallions or stud colts
in loving Memory of Johnny Flash
1980 - 2004
Trail Class Winner Horsemaster
McLean Cnty Fair 2002
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