What to Expect
Riders are allowed to groom and tack their mounts and is part of rider’s
learning process. Beginners learning how to ride will be required to learn
these skills to the ability of their height and strength. These skills are
required in order to ride a horse and will be practiced in each lesson
thereafter. The first lesson will include riding but our goal is for each rider to
learn safety practices and the skill of tacking up independently. The rider’s
second lesson will include tacking up instruction too and then riding. As the
riders progress with the tacking up process, their riding time will increase
each lesson.  Our teaching method is to offer instruction and then allow the
student to, as much as possible, discover how to individually apply that
instruction to themselves.  NOT a lecture method.
We   ask the you do not  USE STRONG LANGUAGE OR SMOKE ON THE

Size of Sessions
Sessions at Breezy Bluff are limited to 3-4 riders indoors and 4-5 riders
outdoors.  Rates are quoted for open sessions where others may or may not
be present. If you are looking for private lesson additional charge is added.  
Related riders are offered discounts when sharing the same hour on
individual horses.

What to Wear
we discourage you to run out and buy helmets until you see that your rider is
serious about riding. We supply helmets for up to your first 10 lessons --and
we require that all riders wear protective headgear. Helmets must be worn by
all at any time when mounted.

Riding boots or shoes must have at least 1/2" heels when riding. Avoid heavy
treaded soles, smooth hard soles are preferred.  Tennis shoes are not
allowed to ride in. Wear clothes that you don’t care if they get dirty. Long  
well fitting pants and shirts tucked in or short waist shirts are recommended.
(Not bare mid-drift)

Please leave your expensive jewelry at home. No dangling ear rings and
bracelets, necklaces must be tucked inside your shirt. Do not wear anything
that may get caught and break.

Girls with long hair, please pull back into a low pony tail or braid.
We ask that all attendees at the farm dress in modest clothing avoiding bare
mid drift and short shorts

Please wear modest clothing to observe lessons and avoid “short” shorts
and halter tops
Parents are always welcome,  if you want to bring anyone else please inform
the farm ahead of time as it can become very crowed and distracting if  many
unexpected people are present at one session.

Winter Riding
all of our riding will be indoors and the temperature are much warmer than
outside. For the winter months, wear layers. You will get warm when riding in
the winter! Gloves and long underwear is also recommended.  We have a
heated club room for spectators!

Special Needs Students
We are unequipped and under educated  to teach students that are greatly
physically or severely mentally challenged and we regret that we are unable
to accept registrations for such students   We will accept Down ’s syndrome  
and other mildly mentally  challenged students

Breezy Bluff Tack Shop
As a service to our riders, we are able to custom order riding  equipment,
apparel; boots, gloves, etc. Items ordered will be delivered usually  at  the
next lesson. We also offer a "Swap Shop" to help families keep costs down.
We encourage long time students to invest in their own brush set and maybe
a bridle or even a saddle!  Owning even your own lead rope can make the
student feel more of an ownership in the horses.
Students are expected to purchase their own helmets after the 12th lesson.
We also have custom printed shirts available.

SADDLE STORAGE  For those students who own a saddle, we can store it
for you in club room, cost is $10/mo and you must have a cover and lock

We issue credits for certain instances and we can make gift certificates for
you.  All credits expire on Dec 15th of the  year the amount was paid d
(exception Christmas Gift Certificates )