Silverado or Silver is a 15 year old paint gelding. Registered name Zipped Down and Majic, he is related to the famous Zippo Pine Bar who is a member of the quarter horse hall of fame. Silver is an advanced level horse.


Cooper is a 28 year old Shetland pony gelding who is just the sweetest guy around. Though that may have something to do with how many cookies he eats 😂. He is very much a little “babysitter” pony, and the 1st ride for many of the younger students who come through Breezy Bluff. Currently you can see him as you drive up, getting to know his new buddy Opal.


Hudson is a 21 year old Missouri Fox Trotter. This beautiful chestnut gelding came to us after working as a gentleman’s trail horse for some time. A great horse for beginners he is the only gaited horse at Breezy Bluff. Where the other horses trot, Hudson paces which is more of a side to side movement. He also has a special talent of being able to ride bridleless, with just a strap around his neck. Always eager to work with you, he prefers a rider with a gentle leg.


Tacoma is a 25 year old spotted saddle x pony. The shortest of our full size horses, he just barely passes the threshold to not be considered a pony. This goofy loveable guy cleans up beautifully, however he will ruin all that hard work by immediately rolling in mud as soon as he is turned out. With that extra pep in his step, Tacoma was instructor Annabel’s favorite horse for many years, and you can still find him following her around during lessons.


At 33 years old, Oprah the Morgan x is the oldest equine resident of Breezy Bluff. While she has more than earned her retirement and is no longer ridden, she has seen many students come through in her time. She is also the mother to another resident horse, Cruizer, to whom she passed on her incredibly smooth gait. Now a days you can see her out back with her buddy Dakota.


Canyon is a 25 year old morgan x arabian


Montana 9 year old Quarter horse