Russ Broadfield
Owner & Laborer

Russ and Betty married at the age of 19 and found each other while showing animals and attending the same church. Russ is a substitute riding teacher and the main guy to get things done on the farm.

Coordinator & Instructor

Toni found her way to Breezy Bluff in 2009 at age 18. Like a lot of people she started out riding Oprah (now age 33) but was quickly moved up to ride JayAre. She also enjoyed Jetta the little black pony and Maximus the draft horse! Her favorite horse on the farm is Cruizer. Cruizer is Oprah’s son and Toni has been riding him for the last 12 years. They make a great team. With Cruizer getting older Toni has started riding some of the more challenging horses on the farm and hopes to click with them but Cruizer will always have her heart. Toni has always loved riding English but recently was pleasantly surprised that the Australian style saddle was great for trail rides. Australian is a nice mix of both English and Western styles. Toni will ride Western from time to time but the style and grace of English is where her passion lies. Toni’s dream horse would be a nice big easy going Belgium draft like Maximus was. Meanwhile Toni has her hands full at home with cats Oliver, Archie, former barn cat Oreo, and her standard poodle Daphne. As well as the five new chicks! Toni enjoys sharing her love of animals and the farm with her three kids and you will often see them running around Breezy Bluff.


Annabel was introduced to Breezy Bluff when she was in the second grade. She attended an open house pony ride after seeing a flyer about it at her Olympia South grade school. Annabel has always loved horse. The very first horse she rode was Breezy Bluff’s little black pony named Jetta. When she started lessons Doc was her lesson horse. Her own horse Tommy is now her favorite mount but she still holds a special place in her heart for Tacoma whom she rode for many years. Tommy is a 14yr old quarter horse palomino whom she has owned for about four years now. He wasn’t too sure about his new home and didn’t even know how to eat apples! Annabel soon won him over and now he is a big sweetheart who is part of the lesson program for a special few. Annabel rides both English and Western but prefers the Western style for her favorite horse activity, mounted archery! Otherwise you will find her out on a trail exploring the farm or riding to McDonald’s. Most horse people have a dream horse and Annabel is no different. She dreams of owning a quarter/gypsy vanner cross or even a big Irish Draft. Outside of Breezy Bluff Annabel also enjoys time with her five cats (Percy, Goober, Potato, Hawkeye, Peirce, and Hamloaf) and her Boxer mix dog named Clara.